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Some people see winter in Canada as a dark, cold, and an all-around “blah” time of the year. Alex and Janine reminded us of how wonderfully bright, hopeful, and loving this season really is.  When they reached out to us this winter we jumped at the chance to hang out in the snow. Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area is one of our personal favourite hiking locations. Located in Milton Ontario, and operated by Conservation Halton, the conservation area boasts spectacular escarpment views, year-round hiking trails, and unique wildlife and flora. Fun Fact: This Area is home to ancient cedars that are over 800 years old! These cedars are one of the many reasons we personally love Rattlesnake Conservation Area. Alex and Janine are an adventurous couple who enjoy the outdoors and travel. We took our time hiking through thick snow topped with ice. Making special note not to trip (they didn’t, but I sure did). We admired the ice-covered pines that swayed gently in the breeze. The sky was cloudy, offering us ideal lighting to really take advantage of the natural beauty the park offered. Mid-way through our adventure, it began to snow. This did not stop Alex and Janine from living life and enjoying the conservation area. Just as we settled into shooting with the snow, it began to rain! Most people would have called off the shoot and ran for cover, but not this couple. They bravely faced snow and freezing rain in nothing but jeans and sweaters. So in-love and focused on each other, they didn’t even seem to notice the weather. In all, we had a blast exploring the snow-covered fields and paths with Alex and Janine. They reminded us that it is important to make time to do things together with one another, whether it’s traveling to places with waterfalls and volcanoes, hiking a local conservation area, or staying home and hanging out with the family pets. We really enjoyed our winter adventure and are counting down the months until Alex and Janine’s Wedding. Location: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area Date: January 2018 Gear: Nikon D800, Nikon D810, 70-200mm, 50mm, 105mm, natural light